Our story

We are a legal tech startup with a vision of providing help and access to justice for all social media users globally. We have harnessed AI and machine learning to be able to offer the best help and solutions to large audiences. Our service is fully scalable. The aim is to protect all social media users without compromising connectivity.

From our social psychological point of view, the best practise is not to just delete unwanted content online or use censorship just in case but to solve the conflicts between people. We believe that a new era is emerging on online platforms where all the social media users are protected and there is help available for everyone in case something bad happens.

We launched our service in Finland in May 2018 and have now opened also in Sweden. More openings to come soon, stay tuned…

SomeBuddy was established by three female founders in Helsinki in 2017. However the idea behind SomeBuddy goes back to 2015 when the founders Suvi, Minttu and Jenny put their heads together wanting to make a difference and create something world changing. The trio met during their studies in the University of Helsinki and have known each other for over a decade. All three have their backgrounds in social psychology but each of them add something unique to the mix as well. When combining their respective expertise SomeBuddy was born.


Suvi Uski

CEO, Co-founder
Suvi is a doctor of social sciences and has been a social media researcher for 10 years. She knows how people behave online and the power social media has over us all. Prior to founding SomeBuddy Suvi has also co-founded another startup in the field of EdTech.

Jenny Rontu

Head of Legal, Co-founder
Besides social psychology, Jenny has masters degree in law and has worked as an associate lawyer in international law firms. Jenny’s ambition is to make use of new technologies in the field of law.

Minttu Salminen

Head of Partnerships, Co-founder
Minttu has extensive experience from the school world as an school counselor and as a conflict resolution specialist. She knows that every conflict involving young appear also in social media.
Our whole team is a unique combination of exceptionally fitting domain knowledge and technological know-how.

The core team

Jarno Vuorenmaa


Eija-Leena Koponen

AI Lead

Anna Soininen

CFO, Legal Counsel

Laura Sofy

Legal Counsel

Sergei Badulin

Software Developer

Tero Kujala

Lead Software Developer


Want to join the crew? Drop us a message.

Our locations

Helsinki, Finland

Stockholm, Sweden